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  • Gain activist training on how to fight back effectively; legally protect yourself from medical tyranny.
  • The hundreds of studies proving masks don’t work—email these out with our ready-made script.
  • The system we use to send a letter to your State's Attorney General in five minutes.
  • How everyday people can support health freedom legal precedents being set right now in keystone trials.
  • How to recognize when you’re witnessing discrimination against health freedom rights that could be eligible for a follow-up lawsuit—how to think in a more strategically legal way and pre-emptively gather the evidence needed for a court trial
  • Learn from doctors who have put their lives and livelihoods on the line to help heal their patients while defying pharma and empowering you to do the same. If you've already registered sign in here

Don't Miss Presentations By:

  • Naomi Wolf
  • Dr. Robert Malone
  • Dr. Peter McCullough
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
  • Del Bigtree
  • Dr. Pierre Kory
  • Dr. Joseph Mercola
  • Dr. Paul Thomas
  • Dr. Christiane Northrup
  • And many more 

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